Gallbladder safe food/recipes


Gallbladder safe food/recipes


So one more thing to add to the list of 'whats wrong with me' Pernicious Anaemia, CFS, Pots and now Gallstone/bladder problems - painful and an annoyance and the sooner whipped out the better.You really have to have done the A&E on a Sunday evening thing to appreciate how scary the wrong type of food is.On the plus side Gallbladder problems are a good way to loose weight.Which brings me to my question, can anyone recommend safe food/recipes for Gallbladder problem people. I seem to be ok with rice and baked fish, poached eggs on toast (apparently I shouldn't be) and condensed soup with soldiers, but you can only rotate them for so long before it all starts to become a bit uninteresting.

Please help.

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