Without gluten recipes

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Today we will deal with this harmful decease that is intolerance to gluten (or so called coeliac decease). In fact, this decease is shared between hundred thousands persons in the world, infants as well as old people, and may impact health from a simple stomach ache to very serious cases including the immune system.

Here is a special very tasty menu for those persons and also for everyone.

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Starter : Green lentils and chanterelle terrine, dice of Provence vegetable, colza oil and et balsamic vinegar dressing

Main course : Roasted farm chicken breast stewed with garlic flavoured round zucchinis, garden herbs juice

Desserts : Crème brûlée and caramel blackberries, buckwheat madeleines

The « crème brûlée » recipe has already be translated into English on our Aftouch site some time ago but find below a few advices that will make you save time and that summarize the 257 (as at October 05, 2009) comments of this exceptional recipe :

1) all your ingredients must be extremely fresh
2) cream must be full fat liquid cream and not fat free cream
3) the oven must be pre-heated
4) respect cooking times
5) the 'crèmes brûlées', when taken out of the oven must be «shaking» ; they will harden only when cold

For the blackberries, how to proceed :

18 nice hulled, quickly washed and dried blackberries
50 grams (1.5 oz) caster sugar

Pour the sugar (no water added) into a thick pan on the hob and heat it until getting a brown caramel, then take the pan out of the hob and coat the berries with the caramel and put them onto a dish, using a small wood stick. You will put the blackberries on the crèmes brûlées when ready to be served

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"decease" est different de "disease"...

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