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Starters French recipes :
Appetizers play a crucial role in traditional French meals, showcasing fresh and seasonal ingredients while whetting the appetite for the main courses. Appetizers can take the form of salads, soups, quiches, or dishes featuring seafood or charcuterie.

Salads are often accompanied by a homemade vinaigrette, made with olive oil, red wine vinegar, or lemon, and seasoned with fresh herbs and spices. Salads are frequently garnished with cheeses, nuts, or fruits.

Soups are also a popular choice for appetizers in France. There are various types of soups, such as onion soup, fish soup, or vegetable soup. Soups are often served with toasted bread or croutons.

Quiches are another popular dish for appetizers in France. Quiches can feature vegetables, cheese, or charcuterie and are often served with a green salad.

Seafood and charcuterie are commonly used ingredients for appetizers in France. Seafood can be served in salads, carpaccio, or even in tart form. Charcuterie, such as cured ham or sausage, may be sliced and served with mustard or jam.

In summary, appetizers in France are often fresh, simple, and highlight seasonal ingredients. They serve as an excellent way to whet the appetite before the main courses.

Aperitif (5)

In French cuisine, the aperitif is a beloved tradition that is often served before the main meal. The purpose of an aperitif is to stimulate the appet...

Cheese (5)

Cheese is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes, from appetizers to entrees to desserts. One of the most popular ways to use ...


Fishes and Shellfish (20)

Fishes and Shellfish
Fish and shellfish are popular ingredients in many types of cuisine around the world. They are a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, and ...

Glass pot (1)

Glass pot
Starters in glass pot are a popular way to begin a meal or a gathering. These small plates are designed to be shared among guests and provide a variet...


Meat (3)

French cuisine is known for its rich and flavorful dishes, and the starters, or "entrees" as they are called in French, are no exception. One popular ...

Pâté and terrine (7)

Pâté and terrine
French Pâtés and terrines are a staple in French cuisine, often served as a starter before the main course. These delicious dishes are made from a mix...


Salad (14)

French salads are known for their simplicity, yet sophisticated flavors. They are the perfect starter for any meal, as they are light and refreshing, ...

Salt Cakes (1)

Salt Cakes
French Salt Cakes, also known as "Sel de Guérande" or "Fleur de Sel," are a popular starter dish in French cuisine. These delicate cakes are made usin...


Soups (18)

French soups are a staple in the country's cuisine, with a variety of different types to choose from. Whether you're looking for a light starter or a ...

With vegetables (17)

With vegetables
Starters with vegetables are a great way to begin a meal, especially if you're trying to eat more healthily. Not only do they provide a variety of fla...


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