Frontignan Muscatel

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Frontignan Muscatel

The controlled label of origin Frontignan Muscatel is the first chronologically of the French Muscatels (1936). Bathed by the sun, the area of Frontignan proposes a Muscatel which knew at all times to allure the hearth and the palate of the men. Voltaire wished Frontignan like extreme oiling, the former president of the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson, was a famous fan and a burning propagandist of this wine. This soil of great tradition exposed to the south combines maritime moisture with the particularly advantageous climate of the area.

To be served fresh around 8°C, Frontignan Muscatel is appreciated with aperitif in the shade of a small terrace overhanging the vines (if you are likely to pass in the area) or comes to accompany with delicacy a dessert containing fruits.

credits photo : © Julien Jandric -

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