mixed flavoured butters

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mixed flavoured butters © Rohit Seth
The basic principle is the same in all cases : you must soften the butter and incorporate into it one or several flavours. The trick is that you need to mould it in a cling film in order to get a saussage form so that you can store it during several weeks in a freezer.
You then just have to cut slices thick enough for your needs when you prepare your dishes.
I will now give you some of the basic mixed flavoured butters but it is up to you to create other according to your taste ane to your imagination.
Some of those butters may seem to be too much salted when you prepare them ; this is absolutely normal because they will substitute for the seasoning of your meat or fish. 'Maître d'Hôtel' Butter
The classic of the classics
Add to 100 grams of soft butter 4 grams of table salt, 1 turn of a pepper mill, a few drops of lemon juice ; blend during 15 seconds then incorporate 1 spoon of chopped parsley.
'Maître d'Hotel' butter is the ideal choice to go with a grilled or roasted ribeye, sirloin steak but also deep fried or panfried fish or even with vegetables like French beans or hashbrowns.

Bercy Butter
(note of the translator: Bercy is an area of Paris, close to the river Seine, where, in the past, all wines coming by boat from the various French wine production areas used to be stored before distribution to shops and to wine dealers)
100 grams of soft butter (you can add also 30 grams of cooked beef marrow)
20 grams of shallots finely chopped
1/10 of a liter of dry white wine
5 grams of table salt and i turn of a pepper mill, 1 splash of lemon juice
1 soup spoon of parsley or herbs finely chopped
Make a reduction to half of the wine with shallops and let it cool down. Blend during 15 second with the soft butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Then incorporate the parsley or the herbs with a wooden spatula.
Bercy butter is the ideal choice with panfried red meat but also with fish filets cooked "à la meunière" (pan cooked in butter/oil).

Garlic Butter
Peel 50 grams of fresh garlic, get rid of the germ (sprout) and boil it during 7 minutes in salted water ; drain it and let it cool down. Blend during 15 seconds with 100 grams of soft butter, add table salt and a hint of Espelette or Cayenne pepper.
Very good with a poached fish or even with potatoes baked in the oven.

Anchovy Butter
Blend during 30 seconds 100 grams of soft butter with 70 grams of anchovy filets preserved in oil and add 1 splash of lemon juice and 1 turn of pepper mill (no salt).
Excellent on a panfried or grilled red beef meat (sirloin, ribeye) but also with various grilled or panfried fish recipes (like red mullet)

Watercress or fresh Tarragon Butter frais
Put 80 grams of either watercress or resh tarragon leaves into boiling water during 5 second then cool them down immediatly in iced water then drain and wring them out.
Blend during 15 seconds with 100 grams of sof butter, table salt and a turn of pepper mill (plus a few drops of vinegar if you have chosen tarragon.
Very nice visual effect on small thin slices of grilled 'baguette' bread or on poached fish filets.

Roquefort cheese Butter
Blend during 15 seconds 100 grams of soft butter, 1 splash of Cognac brandy, 1 teaspoon of strong mustard, 70 grams of Roquefort cheese, table salt (very few) and pepper from the mill.
Excellent on bread croûtons or with white fish but also on a good beef steak

Colbert Butter
(note of the translator : Colbert was a famous minister of king Louis XIV)
Blend during 15 seconds 100 grams of soft butter with the juice of half a lemon, table salt (few), pepper from the mill and 1 teaspoon of cold veal glaze then add 1 soup spoon of fresh chopped tarragon and 1 of chopped parsley.
Ideal on a Dover sole cooked "à la meunière" (pan cooked in butter/oil) or on soft boiled eggs but also to go with vegetables or grilled meat.

'Marchand de vin' (wine dealer) Butter
Chop thinly 30 grams of shallots then boil with 15 centiliters of red wine and reduce it to half. Then add 15 centiliters of stock of beef and reduce again until only 1 soup spoon remains.
Let it cooling down and blend during 15 seconds with soft butter, 1 splash of lemon juice, table salt (few) and 1 turn of pepper mill.
Truly good with a piece of roasted or grilled beef but also with river fish (pikeperch, pike, tench) and also, as an example, with a calf kidney cooked in a single piece

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