Festive menus

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Festive menus
The end of the year celebrations/parties are, for number of people, an opportunity to share with relatives and/or with friends. A moment we wish to share with you as well in a way. It took a long time to Patrick Asfaux to prepare the following 14 recipes : four different thematic menus which will, I am sure, make the good 'cuisine' connoisseurs delights.
A 'Menu for the Spendthrifts', for limited budgets but combining refinement and excellence, a 'Conviviality Menu' in which everything is prepared in advance so that you can spend most of your time with your guests, a 'Lasting Parties Menu ", refined but light because successive festive meals will follow during this period of the year, and a 'Carpe Diem Menu' if you can and choose to ignore calories and expenses.
Do not hesitate to pass this page to your friends.
We will now wait for your comments and your picture with impatience ! Menu for the Spendthrifts : spécial for limited budgets
- Chicken Liver Parfait, Mushroom Coulis and Roasted Peanuts
- Barbarie Duck Stew with BlackCurrant, Red Wine and Pasta with Walnut Butter
- Orange Marmelade Swiss Rolls, iced with Black Chocolate and Roasted Hazelnuts

Conviviality Menu : all prepared in advance
- Crayfish, Curry Cream and dice of Cucumber
- Glazed Loin of Lamb, Mushroom and Jerusalem Artichokes Cake
- Chocolate Marquise, Roasted Coffee Flavour Custard

Lasting Parties Menu : light and refined
- Parcel of Leek and Smoked Salmon
- Roasted Strips of Duck Magret with Sweet and Sour Mirabelle Plum Sauce
- Clémentine Gratin with a Grand-Marnier Sabayon

Carpe diem Menu : no limit !
- Hot Oysters in a Sauternes Sabayon, French Endives Confit
- Roasted Scallops, coated with Hazelnut Crumbs
- Duck Confit Parmentier, Foie Gras and black Truffles
- Brut Champagne Sabayon with Crunchy Cookies
- Curved Tile shape King size Cookies

If you lok for more recipes have a look to our 2008 festive menu :
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