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King size curved tiles cookies

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

King size curved tiles cookies
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To taste with the after lunch coffee ...

For 8 large 'curved tiles' cookies :

  1. 2 eggs
  2. 125 grams (a 'small' 1/4 pound) caster sugar + 1 vanilla flavoured sugar bag
  3. 125 grams flaked almonds
  4. 15 grams (1 soupspoon)wheat flour


1/ Heat the oven (390°F).
2/ In a salad bowl, blend the 2 sugar types with the flour and the almonds.
3/ Add the beaten eggs (as if you were preparing an omelette) and whisk the mixture during 2 minutes.
4/ on a non adhesive (teflon coated)cooking plate or on a cooking paper, put some prepared mixture so that you make 2 or 3 large circles of 10 cenimeter (4 inches) diameter each.
5/ Put in the heated oven and get them out when they are browned. with a metal spatula, put them on their middle on a round stick (such as a pastry roller)while they are still hot so that they bind themselves.
6/ Repeat 5/ several times up to exhausting the cookie pastry.

Keep the cookies in a dry box when they are cold and hard.
credits photo : © Jean Claude LADARRÉ - A.F.Touch