Amiens Macaroon

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Amiens Macaroon

The Amiens Macaroon are a delicious speciality of the Picardie area whose fame goes back to the XVIth century. Because of largely deserved success, in 1992, by way of the International Confectionery Show, and the Region’s Specialities, these Macraroons are enjoyed by everyone in the Picardie region as well as in France.

It is the Trogneux house, which gave birth to the Amiens Macaroon, in a confectionery located on the place of the Cathedral of Amiens. This delicious delicacy is made up of almonds, sugar, honey, egg white, oil of sweet almond and essence of bitter almonds. Instead of offering a traditional bunch of flowers, a taste between friends of the Amiens Macaroons will satisfy everyone of all ages.

credits photo : © Nathalie Dulex - FOTOLIA

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