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Chaource, like numbers of French cheeses, has very remote origins. Known since the Middle Ages, the tradition says that Charles the Beautiful was really interested by this cheese. Another famous person who popularized Chaource on the tables of the nobility, was Marguerite of Burgundy. Manufactured, like mentionned in its name, in the area of Chaource, this delicious cheese is AOC since 1970.

Soft cheese of cow's milk with flowered crust, its slightly salted paste must contain 50% fat at least. Of cylindrical form, you will recognize it with a light odor of mushrooms and cream, but especially, in mouth, with a soft fruity hazel nut savour, recorded of a light point of acidity. Ideal at the end of the meal accompanied by a wine of the area like the Rosé of Riceys, Chaource is also consumed as an aperitif, cut out in cubes, around glass of Porto or with Champagne.

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