Burgundy Truffle

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Burgundy Truffle

In Haute-Marne, we find the Burgundy truffle said ( Tuber Uncinatum) althougt call the grey truffle. This mushroom, festive symbol, grows naturally in the calcareous grounds correctly exposed to the sun in the regions of Langres, Chaumont, Joinville etc. it harvests from September till March, but the most favorable period spreads out from October till December. The truffle needs, to develop, the oak, the charm, the black pine, the hazel tree, the lime tree …

Until 1914, Haute-Marne produced up to 12 tons of truffles a year. Today two associations try to make relive the tradition by planting germs of truffles at feet of certain trees.
The "cavage" (research for the truffle) is a delicate operation because this fragile mushroom grows under the ground.
Truffles are then sold on the market of the products of the soil of Chaumont to the private individuals and the professionals.

credits photo : P.LEMOINE /Coll. CDT52

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