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The Comté was born from the roughness of the winter in the Jura's mountains. The problems of conservation of milk for the periods of great cold obliged the inhabitants to invent this mode of conservation which guaranteed all the winter a milk contribution. The allowance of the Comté with time made very quickly of it an exportable food product and this superb cheese became an additional source of income for number of families. The fame of the Comté, its economic importance for the area and its typicality allowed a classification in AOC as of 1958, which does one of the first cheeses to be profited from this type of label.

The production area of the Comté extends from the Jura, on part of Doubs and a small portion of Ain. Milk used comes exclusively from cow of Montbéliard race. It must be collected in the 24 hours following the collect, without additives, neither dyes, nor conservatives. Once the manufacturing process finished, the grinding stones of more than 60 kg each is at least stored 4 months for an optimal refining. Of a very great aromatic diversity, the Comté that you will find on your plates is at the same time fruity, flowered, soft, salted... Taste this cheese with a glass of Wine of the Jura and you will discover all the richness of this splendid soil.

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