Mont d'Or

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Mont d'Or

The Mont-d'Or appears for the first time in Haut-Doubs in the neighbourhoods of the XVIIIth century, even if it is probable that its origin is older and goes up with the first clearings of the area, under the impulse of large abbeys like the one of Montbenoît. Seasonal cheese, it is historically a palliative with the manufacture of the Gruyere whose enormous grinding stones required much milk. Smaller and requiring less milk the Mont-d'Or very quickly convinced the fans of its originality.

Today classified as an AOC since 1981, the Mont-d'Or is a soft cheese not cooked, slightly pressed, with creamy consistency, little salted, with color white to ivory and washed crust. Easily recognizable while ringed of a strap of spruce and inserted in a box out of wooden of spruce, the Mont-d'Or, also called "Vacherin of Haut-Doubs" is a cheese with the timbered taste, the savour of cream and the persistent perfume which accomode with many white and red wines of the Jura and Arbois, but also the white wines of Savoy or with dry Jurançon.

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