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Ratatouille small toasts at the 'Nice' style

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Ratatouille small toasts at the 'Nice' style
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Cooking also being the art of using foodstuff left from the previous meal, this is a idea for a light dinner
  1. a few potatoes from the previous lunch, a little cold ratatouille (recipe on this site) and you have got your dinner for 4 persons, with, as an example, a nice well seasonned green salad.


1/Cut small round toasts from a 'baguette' (or other bread), align them on a large oven dish and pour on each of them 1 or 2 drop(s) of olive oil

2/Put on each toast ('croûton') a small (flat) piece of parmesan cheese, then a small spoonful of cold ratatouille and then a few capers

3/Switch on the oven on the grill position, tell your guests to sit down aound the table and when the grill is well hot (2-3 minutes), introduce the dish into it during 4-5 minutes until the ratatouille is grilled and serve on the table with a wood stick in each croûton.

This is a only a simple suggestion but you can imagine others ... If you take a picture of your dish, please forwart it to us so that we can post it with the recipe.
credits photo : © Asfaux Patrick - A.F.Touch