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Veal small Tournedos with green Asparagus

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Veal small Tournedos with green Asparagus
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Veal small Tournedos with green Asparagus :

  1. for 4 persons
  2. 1.3 lb veal (or porc) well peeled filet
  3. 0.8 lb small fresh green asparagus
  4. 0.4 lb button mushrooms
  5. 1 thinly chopped shallot
  6. 7 fl oz liquid cream
  7. 1 soup spoonful of corn starch, diluted into 2 soup spoonfuls of cold milk
  8. 7 fl oz sweet white wine (like Sauternes or Jurançon)
  9. 1 oz foie gras mousse (not compulsary)
  10. 1 oz butter + 1 drop of oil
  11. table salt and ground black pepper
  12. A little of grated nutmeg


1/ Prepare the mushroom “duxelles” :
Keep aside a few nice mushroom heads for the final presentation and thinly blend the other (heads and feet)
In a deep frying pan (or a wok), gently cook in butter and covered with a lid the shallot, the blended mushrooms and the mushroom heads. Season with salt and black pepper, add a pinch of grated nutmeg. Pour ¼ of the liquid cream and cook until full evaporation.
Take away the mushroom heads (keep them aside) and pour into the above mixture the diluted starch, mix quickly on the heat, add the foie gras mousse cut in dice, take the pan off the heat and keep it covered with a lid
2/ Let the butter (with the oil) melt in a deep pan under the heat and when slightly brown, put in it the meat filet you have seasoned. Make the filet brown quickly without cooking, on both sides, then cover the pan with a lid and let the meat slowly cook during 15 minutes
3/ In the meantime, peel very lightly the asparagus, clean them, link them to make a bunch and cook them into boiling salted water during 6 minutes. Then pour them into chilled water, stain and put onto some absorbing paper. Cut the heads of the asparagus (2.5 inch long), keep the heads and the stalks in a dish on absorbing paper
4/ When the meat is cooked, put it onto a plate and cover it with aluminium film
5/ Take the fat out of the pan where the meat has cooked, heat it on the hob, then add the asparagus stalks, the sweet and the remaining ¾ of the liquid cream, add little salt, black pepper, leave the sauce reduce by half, add the juice rendered by the meat in the plate and blend the sauce. Adjust the seasoning and sieve it. Keep it hot into a bain-marie

6/ Heat carefully the mushroom duxelles.
Pre heat the oven at 248°F. Cut the meat filet into 12 small tournedos of equal size, put them onto a plate that can go into a heated oven, put the mushroom heads and the asparagus heads around the tournedos, cover with some cooking film and keep it into the heated oven during 10 minutes

On each individual dish, put 3 small meat tournedos and one soup spoonful of mushroom duxelles, a little sauce, one mushroom head and a few asparagus heads and a little of sauce on the duxelles and the rest of the sauce around

credits photo : © Asfaux Patrick- A.F.Touch