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Veal Stock

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

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There is the original veal stock recipe. Despite the fact that nowadays powdered veal stock has become widely available, nothing comes close to fresh homemade stock. To make this recipe worth while, it is better to make 2 litres of stock. Then take what you need on the day and put the rest in the freezer in small containers such has ice cube bags, yoghurt pot, etc.

For 2 litres of veal stock sauce
  1. 2 kg (4 lb) veal bones
  2. 2 carrots
  3. 3 onions
  4. 3 cloves
  5. 4g (2 tea spoons) cracked pepper
Veal Stock
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Ask your butcher for 2 kg of veal bones, put then on a rosting tray, then add two carrots as well as two onions cut into a mirepoix (big cubes). Roast them for 1/2 hour at 220 degrees (gas mark 7, 430F).
Meanwhile, in a large pot bring 6 litres (14 pt) of water as well as a bouquet garni, the last of the onion with the cloves pricked into it and the cracked pepper to the boil. Make sur not to put any salt at this stage.
Take your bones out the oven: the bones and the mirepoix must be roasted. With a skimmer, put them into the bouillon.
Take your roasting tray, carefuly get rid off the fat and with a bit of bouillon, scrap the bottom of the tray to disolve the meat juices. Pour this liquid into the pot.
Gently simmer your stock for 4 hours, skimming it regularly. Strain your stock and set it aside.
If you wish to have a concentrated stock, called demi-glaze, reduce your stock by 1/2.

Last comments about the recipe Veal Stock

Douglas  2009-01-19

Think before you speak "Chef". First, if you look at the original article it read "this is the ORIGINAL veal stock- (one based on a very old recipe). The one you gave is accurate, but one Escoffier gave later on, based on the ancient one. Second, you know nothing about me. For all you know, I am French, but happen to have a Celtic first name and can speak English fluently, unlike your English patois. For all you know, I may have been trained by some of the best French Chefs on the planet. Third, I find it hard to believe that your Gran Mere or Pere passed that recipe on to you. It sounds like you may have copied it straight from "la repetoire de la Quisine". Fourth, I am leary of those that put the title "Chef" before there name at all times. The best chefs i know refer to themselves as "cuisiner". You are only a Chef when you are a "Cheif", which is the direct translation if you didn't know. And I have seen your menu at wine 69. Not much to brag about.

Chef Jean Miami, Florida  2009-01-18

You want be French cook, but you are not French. I have a chance my mothet was French ans my father was Italian. My French Grand'Ma and my Italian Grand'Ma give me the Family Recipes. When a cook French, i make no faute, but when i cook Italian i make some mistake not important. Make Italian Cooking and let the French Chef give Recipes from The Master Chef Auguste Escoffier. Have a nice day. Chef Jean Simoni, Miami, Florida

Douglas  2008-04-03

I will have to agree w/ Msr. Asfaux. It seems maybe that Gio is making something that would be used for sauces- going more towards demi-glace to use for the base of other sauces.

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