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Veal Sweetbread

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Veal Sweetbread
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This veal or lamb's offal is called thymus in anatomy. It is a ductless, butterfly-shaped gland lying at the base of the neck of a calf or lamb. It is formed mostly of lymphatic tissue and aiding in the production of T cells of the immune system
  1. after puberty, the lymphatic tissue gradually degenerates. This is the reason why they only come from calves or lambs.
  2. Sweetbread are quite rare and expensive in our butcher but keep in mind that there are only two per animals and out of those two only the throat sweetbread is really interesting in cooking. The thymus situated in the neck is bigger but very stringy.
  3. This is how to prepare your sweetbread:
  4. Soak them in iced cold water for about 12h, changing the water regularly, until the water stays clear.
  5. Place your sweetbread in a pot covered with cold water. Bring to the boil and let them simmer for a minute. Then, quickly cool them down in iced cold water. This is called: blanching.
  6. Trim them down and peel them.


Now, your sweetbread are ready for further cooking.
Keep them whole and braise them in the oven with ceps or morels.
Slice them and panfry them, then serve them with a meuniere butter or just with a lemon juice.
Battered and deepfried they are great with a ravigote sauce.
They are also, great in a vol au vent mixture,etc.
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