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Veal kebabs

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Veal kebabs
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To prepare you veal kebabs, first cut small cubes of veal meat taken from the shoulder.
Let let marinade during 24 hours. Find below a few marinade recipes for veal :


Red wine, vinegar of wine, chopped shallots, thyme, table salt, black pepper.

  1. -

    White dry wine, coarse ground black pepper, tarragon powder, bayleaf, table salt.

  2. -

    Grapeseed oil, thyme, bayleaf, garlic, semi hot red pepper, table salt.

  3. -

    Olive oil, savory, garlic powder, thyme flowers, table salt and black pepper.


Then, after 24 hours of marinade of the veal, insert alternatively the following foodstuff on your skewers and grill them on each side on your BBQ :

- Veal, lemon preserved in salt, scallop and half slices of zucchini.
- Veal, king size prawns/gambas, onions, sweet green pepper.
- Veal, a cube of fresh red tuna, sweet red and yellow pepper.
credits photo : © Igor Zhorov - FOTOLIA