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Fish Kebabs

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Fish Kebabs
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There are an infinity of possibilities when making fish kebabs.There are few examples. We advise you to marinade the fish for few hours prior cooking them. You could use all sorts of very different marinades. For example you could place your fish in some olive oil along with some lime or lemon juice, then let your imagination do the rest. You could either, add some fresh herbs or dried garlic and some spices, vanilla or peppercorns.

There are few ideas to make your fish kebabs:

  1. Tuna, chorizo, yellow pepper
  2. Fresh salmon, confit lemons, cherry tomatoes
  3. Filets of black sole ...


- Tuna, chorizo, yellow pepper
- Bonito, smoked pork belly, sweet baby onions
- Fresh salmon, confit lemons, cherry tomatoes
- Filets of black sole, button mushrooms, dices of pork belly
(Use the same garnishes for seabass, sardines, grenadier, seabream or red snapper kebabs)
- Grouper, red and yellow pepper
- Scallops, pork belly, green and black olives (make sure to make a small incision into the coral (the orange bit))
- Tiger prawns, pineapple, bacon
- Grilled Dublin bay prawns (2 minutes on each side) with some sechuan pepper

To finish, another little idea: take some empty scallop shells place a couple of scallops in them, a bit of freshly ground pepper and a nob of good salted butter. Close them up and place them on the barbeque for 6 minutes, it is devine!!!
credits photo : © Robert Lerich - FOTOLIA