Blue de Gex

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Blue de Gex

The Blue de Gex, also called Septmoncel, is a very old cheese which one finds the first mentions as of XIIIth century. It is told that Charles Quint whose Franche-Comté was one of the strongholds was crazy of this delicious cheese. The Label of origin Controlled Blue de Gex or "Blue of Septmoncel" or "Blue of the High-Jura" was obtained by decree on September 20, 1977. It results from the high pastures of the mountain of the High Jura, where its manufacture is done in the respect of the traditional methods.

Blue-veined cheese not pressed and not cooked, with the believed milk of cows "montbéliardes" exclusively, the Blue de Gex is refined in fresh cellar for three weeks during which the mould gives to the paste its particular color, ivory and tender blue. It is distinguished clearly from the "Blue cheese family" by a taste much less vigorous and a very marked perfume. Essential ingredient of the Pie and the famous Jurassic Scraper, it goes marvelously just as it is with red or rosy Wines of the Jura.

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