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Maltese style Strawberries

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Maltese style Strawberries
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Prepare time :
Cooking time :
Total time :
For 6 timbales/small bowls
  1. 1/2 kilogram (1.1 lb) well ripe strawberries
  2. 3 nice oranges
  3. 2 centiliters (0.7 fl oz) orange brandy (Grand Marnier or Curaçao)
  4. 100 grams (3.3 oz) caster sugar
  5. 5 grams (1 coffeaspoonful) coarlsy crushed - with the bottom of an heavy saucepan - black pepper
  6. a few fresh mint leaves


1/Cut a thin slice from top and bottom of each orange so that that can stay vertical on a plate.
2/Cut them in 2 horizontally then take the pulp off with a large spoon and keep the pulp in a salad bowl (take your time but do it well).
3/Press the pulp to get the juice
4/Wash the strawberries, take away their stalks and cut each strawberry in 2 halfes vertically in a salad bowl.
5/Add, in the bowl of strawberries, the sugar, the brandy (not for children) and the orange juice. Cover with cling film and keep into the fridge for a couple of hours.
5/Presentation : put a half orange shell onto the middle of each bowl filled (the bowl) with crushed ice, fill each orange shell with the marinated strawberries, sprinkle with a little pepper (not for young children) and decorate with a few mint leaves. If you can afford it, offer a cup of well cooled Champagne with each bowl (not for children of course).
You will then, maybe, taste a little bit of paradise