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Stuffed Guinea Fowl

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Prepare time :
Cooking time :
Total time :
Repos : 24 heures
This rustic and festive recipe will somewhat differ from the classic ones offered for the end of the year festive dinners.
You can prepare it the day before and re-heat it when your guests come to your home.

Stuffed with Foie Gras Guinea Fowl, like at “A Sousceyrac” (Michelin star restaurant of Chef Patrick Asfaux), with a fine black truffle and mashed potatoes and penny bun coulis

  1. Ingredients for 4 persons :
  2. 1 boned guinea fowl (voir en image ici)
  3. (refer to attached pictures for the method to be used to remove the bones)
  4. 2 or 3 chicken livers and the one of the guinea fowl
  5. 4 oz of cooked foie gras (cut in 4 pieces of 1 oz each)
  6. 2 oz minced pork meat
  7. 2 oz minced veal meat
  8. 0.5 oz dry penny bun mushrooms, soaked in warm water during 1 hour and drained using your hands (to get rid of the remaining sand/earth)
  9. 1 finely chopped shallot
  10. a little dry thyme
  11. 1 egg (white and yolk)
  12. 1 teaspoon of Brandy (not compulsory)
  13. 1 teaspoon of potato starch
  14. 1 lb peeled potatoes
  15. 2 fl oz walnut or olive oil
  16. 2 fl oz hot milk
  17. 0.5 oz black truffle peels and their juice
  18. Table salt, black pepper, a little ground nutmeg and a little peanut or grapes seeds oil
  19. 0.5 pt cep coulis (refer to recipe already on the Aftouch-cuisine web site :cep coulis
  20. )
Stuffed Guinea Fowl
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The day before the meal

1/ sauté in a little butter or duck fat, in a frying pan, the chicken livers seasoned with salt and pepper, then add the shallot, thyme and set aside to cool down.
2/ when the livers are cold, add the dry mushrooms and chop the lot until the livers and mushrooms are well amalgamated.
3/ prepare the stuffing : put, in a salad bowl, the two chopped meats, the poultry/mushroom blend, Cognac (brandy), starch, egg, salt and black pepper and blend carefully with a wooden spatula (or with your clean hands) until the stuffing is homogeneous and compact. Cover with some cling film and keep in the fridge over night.

The morning of the day of the meal (assuming the meal will be for the dinner) :

1/ peel and cut into 4 pieces in their height the potatoes (like for making very big French fries), pour them in a pan, cover with cold water, add some salt and cook during 15-20 minutes after the boiling point (check it is cooked using a knife).
2/ while the potatoes are cooking, prepare the stuffed guinea fowls : put on the board, the four boneless legs and wings (skin on the board). Remove the small fillets of the wings and put them on the legs. Add salt and black pepper, one spoonful of the stuffing on each leg and wing, one piece of foie gras on top of each one and a second spoonful of stuffing on top.
3/ make a roll of each stuffed leg/wing.
4/ cut 4 pieces (8 in x 10 in) of parchment and pour 2 drops of oil on each of them at 4 inches of the edges of the papers. On each paper, put one stuffed leg/wing and wrap it as if you were preparing a gift. Tie each one with a piece of roasting string.
5/ when the potatoes are cooked, heat he milk. Drain the potatoes quickly and mash them thinly, then add the boiling milk, walnut or olive oil, a little nutmeg and adjust the seasoning. Add the truffle cut peels and the truffle juice.
6/ in a deep cast iron pot, pour 2 spoonfuls of peanut or grape seeds oil and when well hot, cook the stuffed guinea fowl pieces, cover with a lid and cook them during 18 minutes on each side at medium hot. Then, remove from the hob, pour 3 soup spoonfuls of water and keep them covered with the lid during 15 minutes.

Just before the dinner :
1/ Heat up the mashed potatoes (purée) in a bain-marie and gently the stuffed guinea fowl pieces in the same deep frying pan during 10 minutes with its juice. Also heat the mushroom coulis in a bain-marie.
2/ Heat up empty dishes, remove the cooking paper from the meat pieces.
3/ on each plates, present the meat, the pure and the coulis as shown on the picture.

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credits photo : © Asfaux Patrick - A.F.Touch

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