End of the Year Festive Menu

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End of the Year Festive Menu ©-emmi
It has, now, become an annual berth, our chef Patrick Asfaux offers you his new festive menu for the Holiday season. This year, we wanted to publish it early as we advise you to test and taste these recipes at least once before the D day of your party. In this way you will be able to practice each of the recipes and give Chef Asfaux time to answer your queries and help you with the realization of these dishes. �I don't think that on Christmas day or New Year eve he will be too pleased to have to take a break of his own kitchen...!�
His starter and dessert dishes can be prepared the day before your party, giving you more time to spend with your guests.
You will, also, find links to our two previous festive menus (2008 and 2006) which offers great ideas for you to discover or revisit...
Starter : King scallops and morel blanc manger

Main course : Veal chops Pojarski

Desert : Baked Alaska

Good appetite to all of you.
If you wish more choice, refer to the 2006 and 2008 festive menus already on the site :
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Festive Menu 2006

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