Bouchot Mussel

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Bouchot Mussel

The Bouchot Mussel is another of these productions so invaluable of our splendid areas. The history retains the name of Patrice Walton, Irishtraveller who settled in the area in the XIIIth century. To capture certain birds, this one then tightened nets "of allouret" between high stakes of wood planted in the sea. These stakes covered moulds which profited remarkably. Patrice Walton multiplied these stakes, brought them closer and joins together them by mattresses. In its language, he called these curious barriers the "bout choat". The mussel bed had been born, and with it the trade of boucholor.

Today, the mussel bed consists of an alignment from 50 to 100 m of piles in oak (with their bark). High from 4 to 6 m, they are inserted of half. The moulds stick to this support by a hank of filaments called byssus. Thus of father out of wire, and this since generations, the mytiliculteurs of Charente-Maritime continue to produce one of the best mussels of the world, true treat for gourmets and greedy of all ages...

credits photo : © Jordi Cubells Biela - FOTOLIA

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