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If there is an alcohol which symbolizes with wonder the good taste of the French gastronomy in the whole world, it is without any doubt the Cognac. This true king of alcohols draws its origins from the success of the wines of Poitou, La Rochelle and the Angoumois which, as of the XIIIth century make the happiness of the English, the Dutchmen and the Scandinavians. From the XVIIth century, these wines, distilled out of brandy, then out-of-date out of barrels of oak, will give the famous Cognac and will make this small town of Charente, the capital of an alcohol with international fame.

The Cognac is elaborate after distillation of white type of vines (Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard) exclusively intended for this production. The method used is the same one as for the productions of the wines of the area. The wines thus obtained are initially distilled then high of long years out of barrels before becoming officially Cognacs. We usually distinguish 6 different vintages, Grande and Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Drink, Bons bois and Bois à Terroir or Bois Ordinaire which all give to the Cognacs its so characteristic flavours and its savours. Only the Master of Wine storehouse will be able to carry out the brandy assemblies of different vintages and ageings and it is from these assemblies that are coming the various denominations: VS (Very Special or *** for assemblies where the youngest brandy is two years old of barrels, VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) for 4 years of viellissement and finally XO, Napoleon or Out of Age for some 6 years ageings and more. According to the experts, the best is the alliance of the Cigar and a Large Cognac, preferably an XO . For us, the digestive remainder one moment with share where which give you the time to admire the nuances of colors and odors of an excellent Cognac before slowly tasting it in good company.

credits photo : © Tracy Hebden - FOTOLIA

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