Breton Far

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Breton Far

The Far is a delicious Breton speciality. Its existence is attested for the first time in writings of the XVIIIth century. One distinguishes at this time the salted far, manufactured with buckwheat and consumed in accompaniment of the meats, and the sweetened far which is a dessert. The consumption of the salted far will remain limited to Brittany, while the receipt of the sweetened far will be diffused in the hexagon in the middle of the XIXth century. It will be the subject even of a significant production as from the years 1930.

The Breton fars in the beginning were made for the religious festivals and the family festivals. When their consumption spread, of the receipts of festivals then appeared, enriched in butter, prunes and eggs. Today preferred Breton Far of French remains the far with prunes, with some rum or brandy of cider. Some add cinnamon to it but that depends on the tastes. In all the case this delicious receipt will make the happiness of greedy of any ages.

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