Burgundy Snails

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Burgundy Snails

If Burgundy is known for its vineyards, the Burgundy Snails is without any doubt one of the best ambassadors of the Burgundian and French gastronomy throughout the world. Their collecting and their preparation are today strictly controlled, this to allow their protection. Their rarety make those delicate snails a required product. Voted by plebiscite by the majority of the large restorers, the Burgundy Snails has a subtle taste, slightly grassy which deserves not to be drowned under a ton of garlic like one too often tends to do it, still today.

Bind them to butter by adding one "fallen" of "échalotte". Add to this preparation some garlic oil drops to underline the taste of Burgundy Snails without destroying it and you will obtain an absolutely delicious dish. Another alternative a little more modern, be used a potato crushed for butter while adding to it small cooked plugs, pose Snails above and pour then a slightly liquid cream of parsley. Be useful, your hosts will be subjugated.

credits photo : © Matteo Natale - FOTOLIA

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