Corsican pork-butchery

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Corsican pork-butchery

Corsica, and more particularly the mountains of the interior of the Island, are rich of a tradition porkbutcher which from time immemorial made it possible to nourish the inhabitants of the Island of Beauty. This Pork-butchery forms truly integral part of the Corsican cultural inheritance. The artisanal production rests mainly on a particular porcine race, the valorization of the mountain resources like sweet chestnuts and the nipples, like on local know-how.

We will not speak to you here about a particular production but of what makes the richness of this pork-butchery. You constitute a delicious plate while putting on it some Coppa, made with the spine of pig, salted and dried during 5 to 6 months; Lonzu, nets of pig dried and salted; Prizuttu, ham believed dried that one traditionally tastes with figs; Salamu, rather thin dry sausage, in natural fermentation, or Panzetta, this chest of pig smoked, punt or rolled which we can also serve cooked, jumped, accompanied by a salad. Leave to discovered the Corsica Pork-butchery and level you.

credits photo : © Thomas G -

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