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The Corsican pork-butchery is made of black pigs, typically insular race which give to this pork-butchery all its specificity and its character. If you wish to discover this pork-butchery, then do not hesitate, test Figatellu (Figatelli in the plural). These delicious sausages of liver of pig will astonish you by their savour and their taste. The traditional receipt requires a relatively long make-ready time but this sausage is tasted rather quickly after its manufacture, between 5 and 25 days later.

The pig's liver finely chopped is salted and peppered, then one incorporates some crushed cloves in it. One sprinkles then the preparation of wine red or rosy (slightly scented garlic) and one threads it in fine bowels of pig before smoking Figatellu during a few days. One can eat it fried in a frying pan, but one traditionally tastes it roasted slowly on ember, between two sections of bread or polenta of flour of juice sweet chestnut impregnated. The mixture sweeten-salted polenta-figatellu is of a rare quality.

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