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Beret Basque

Beret Basque
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Prepare time :
Cooking time :
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Ingredients for the "Beret Basque" chocolate dessert
  1. Chocolate mousse:
  2. 6 egg whites,
  3. 200g dark cooking chocolate,
  4. caster sugar
  5. Chocolate ganache:
  6. 200g Dark cooking chocolate,
  7. 200g double cream


Whisk the egg white until a nice, stiff foam. Melt the chocolate with a little water (a couple of table spoons will do) until you obtain a thick paste. Very carefully mix in the egg whites. The chocolate mousse should be firm to the touch. Shape it into the form of a French beret (flat type of hat from the Basque region south-west of France).

Make a chocolate ganache with the dark chocolate and the cream. Cover the beret beret with ganache in way that it keep its shape. Sprinkle with chocolate shavings. Keep refrigerated until serving.
credits photo : with gold © boyzzzzz