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Hare 'à la Royale'

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

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the Sousceyrac recipe...

This is the original LIEVRE A LA ROYALE recipe, the most mythical dish in French cuisine. Our chef, Patrick Asfaux won the "Best Lievre à la Royale in France" award in Romorantin. I may as well say that by giving us this recipe, our chef is offering us a "royal" gift...

For 6 guests
  1. 1 large hare, weighing approximately 6 pounds (with torn ears)
  2. 400 gr of pork fillets, skinned and cut into small squares
  3. 300 gr of streaky bacon, cut into small squares
  4. 200 gr of sandwich loaf bread, prepared and diced
  5. 2 garlic cloves + herbs
  6. 1 goose liver weighing 600 to 700 gr
  7. 1 large truffle weighing 50 gr
  8. 4 whole eggs
  9. 2 dl of marc de bourgogne (spirit distilled from bourgogne grape residue)
  10. Aromatic garnish:
  11. Diced carrots
  12. Diced onions
  13. Diced shallots
  14. Bouquet garni
  15. Coarse salt, " Guérande " variety - a small glass of: white pepper, fine salt, freshly ground pepper
  16. 3 litres of Vieux Cahors wine
  17. 1 kg of small Bordeaux boletus mushrooms
  18. 16 small croutons, cut in a heart shape
  19. 16 BF potatoes, 15 of them cut English style.
Hare 'à la Royale'
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1.Skin the hare.
2.Paunch the hare, being careful to set the liver, the heart and the blood aside.
3.Proceed to do the boning of the hare being careful not to leave any holes on the flesh.

Preparing the marinade:

Crush the bones and add your garnish with the red wine, the guerande salt, the spices and the bouquet garni. Leave to marinate for one whole day and one night.

Preparing the stuffing:
(Also THE DAY BEFORE) Mix together the pork fillets, the streaky bacon (put the hare's heart and liver through a mincer), the bread squares (moistened with the Marc de Bourgogne), truffle shavings, salt , freshly ground pepper , herbs, powdered garlic and then add the eggs, stirring. Next, leave this mixture to rest for one day.
Préparation of the meat
Lay the hare on a working surface, separate its legs so that the thighs touch the surface of the ribcage.
Season with salt and pepper. Spread a layer of stuffing, then some goose foie gras, nerves removed and cut legthwise, add the chopped truffle and another layer of stuffing.
Make a roll and place this on some waxed paper that has been rubbed with oil. Give the roll the form of a large sausage and tie it with some thread.

Cooking the hare:
Drain the bones and the marinated garnish.
Roast the hare in some goose fat on all sides.
Add the bones and the garnish, leave it to cook slowly for 1/2 and hour, covered, then add some red wine.
Continue cooking for 3 or 4 hours leaving on a light boil. Check progress with a large needle. Remove from heat when cooked, prick the surface of the hare in different places and put it on top of a wire rack.
Reduce the sauce. Put the foie gras nerves through a mincer and mix with the animal's blood.
Using a conical sieve, add the mixture and pour the sauce over it, which will serve as a liaison.
Do not boil again.

Place a large slice of hare, coated with sauce, on an elegant plate. Serve with English style potatoes, 2 fried "heart" croutons and finish it up with two roasted mushroom heads and a sprig of dill.

Patrick ASFAUX

credits photo : Patrick.Asfaux© A.F.Touch

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