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Filets Mignons Twins

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Filets Mignons Twins
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  1. his is a special unique exclusive recipe from Chef Patrick for Valentin and Valentine for a quiet dinner alone with your beloved…
  2. Proportions for 2 dinners (so 4 persons)
  3. 8 “mignons” (small tournedos) of 3 oz each cut in a pork filet mignon and reshaped as a heart
  4. 1/8 pineapple in syrup and cut in dice (cubes)
  5. 2 soup spoonfuls of strong mustard
  6. 2 soup spoonfuls of cider vinegar
  7. 3 fl oz liquid cream
  8. 1 peeled and cut in 2 shallot
  9. butter and olive oil
  10. table salt, grounded black pepper
  11. curcuma or 2-3 saffron pistils
  12. ½ lb bulgur


1/ season the tournedos with salt and pepper
2/ in a small casserole, melt one nut of butter with one drop of oil and when brown, pan the pork tournedos and the 2 shallots halves ; cook gently during 8 minutes without burning butter/oil
3/ in the meantime, boil some salted water with the saffron or curcuma : the quantity of water must be 2.5 times the volume of the bulgur. At the boiling point, pour the bulgur and let it cook during 18 minutes
4/ when the tournedos are cooked, keep them aside and keep them hot
5/ get rid of most of the fat from the casserole and the shallots as well then put the casserole again on the heat, pour 3 soup spoonfuls of pineapple juice in it plus the vinegar and still siring, let cook until it becomes a caramel (here called a “gastrique”), add the cream, let it boil then add the pineapple cubes, salt and black pepper, make it boil again, add the mustard, blend the whole in an electric blender until it is well uniform then through a sieve and keep this sauce hot in a bain-marie
6/ separate the bulgur grains with a fork adding a little olive oil ; put it into 2 small ramekins, put one ramekin on a plate and 2 heart shapes tournedos on each side of it, a little sauce around and the remaining sauce in a sauced boat

You can substitute rice or couscous to the bulgur
credits photo : © Asfaux Patrick - A.F.Touch