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Alsace is a French border , marked in its history and its culture by its geographical situation. Stronghold of the kingdom of Germany as of 9th century, it only became fully French during the reign of Louis XIV. Throughout history Alsace's borders switched back and forth many times between French and German territory , until World War II when it finally returned to being a part of France . Until today one can still feel a strong germanic inlfluence . Today this splendid area has become one of the strong symbols of Europe ever since the European Parliament established itself there. Its history, its landscape, its culture and its traditions make this area a very attractive touristic destination . While walking the streets of Small France in the historical district of Strasbourg , the regional capital, you will be filled with wonder at the splendour of these superb houses with wooden sides lovingly maintained by their owners. Upon your visit to Windstub, you must have some Sauerkraut , the local traditional dish . This tasty regional specialty can be prepared in many ways, in particular "Garnie", "Royale" or "de la Mer", all of which today can be found in restaurants around the world . Among other things, Alsace is also famous for its Pork-butchery: "Gendarmes", "Knacks", ham and other sausages are a real treat for meat lovers ...

As for wines, Alsace is gifted with rich soil, perfect for cultivating vinyards responsible for the production and export of some famous white wines such as Gewurztraminer, Riesling or Tokay . A glass of gewurztraminer is the perfect complement to Munster Cheese , bringing about all of its flavor .Classed " AOC " since 1969, the Alsatians taste this cheese plain, without bread, accompainied by jacket potatoes. Alsatian gastronomy, also includes excellent cakes such as the kugelhopf, the bretzels, the strudel or delicious tarts made of Mirabelle plums with which delicious Brandy is also made . Alsace is known for its Goose Foie gras, which is unanimously and universally celebrated for its smoothness and flavor.

About AFTouch-cuisine

With, we invite you to pull off the éCommunication Superhighwayé for a moment and roam the back roads of the French countryside to discover the regional French food, French recipes cuisine and the wonderful people of the past and of the present who are behind French cooking world-wide reputation. A.F.Touch cuisine will offer you all the specialties of the French food. Each specialty is presented within its regional context accompanied by a list of traditional producers, guardians of tradition and expertise which have been handed down from generation to generation

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