Alsatian Pork-butchery

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Alsatian Pork-butchery

Alsace is one of the many areas of France where living well means eating well. Wine area where the spangled heads compete of prowesses in the art of cooking, Alsace is also the cradle of a very old tradition porkbutcher and the Masters porkbutchers of today celebrate every days the love of the work well done such as it was always transmitted to them. And if there is a popular saying which correctly translates what is the Alsatian Pork-butchery, it is clearly this one "In the pig, all is good".

Famous Choucroute would be nothing if it did not marry so well with all that "cochonaille" Alsatian has of better. You will regale yourselves sausage slice of bread or beef sausages (true knack) of liver (leberwurst). As for sausages, what a wonder, what a varieties! You will choose them with pistachio or black (schwarzwurst), with blood (blutwurst) or ham (schinkenwurst), or giants, with great pieces of language (zungenwurst) taken in a black "farce". There add all the galantines, fume pork-butcheries (pallet, schieffele, bacon, gendarmes, net of pig...), without forgetting the round of the heads, where throne the famous presskopf ("pressed head"), star of the winstubs, tasted out of vinaigrette and you will have a rather complete outline of what is the true Alsatian Pork-butchery.

credits photo : © Couet Ivan - A.F.Touch-cuisine

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