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Alsace is one of the great areas of French vineyards. The wine trail of Alsace is extremely famous and the refinement of its gastronomy makes it one of the high places of gastronomical and wine tourism. The Alsatian vineyards develop on 120 kilometers length and only 4 broad. Gewurztraminer is without any doubt one of the florets of this regional production and the vine growers of the vintage, due to the respect and the transmission of an ancestral knowledge, contribute unceasingly to the excellent reputation of this delicious wine.

Gewurztraminer is without any doubt one of the most outstanding wines of the Alsatian production. It is dissociated by a slightly spiced savour, underlined by its name which precisely means spiced in German. Type of vine undoubtedly of Italian origin, it is a wine rich in alcohol, aromatic and fruity, with the very scented and flowered bouquet. We can wait before drinking it but it can be consumed young as well, accompanied by of course Sauerkraut, but also by sausages or delicious Munster, another symbol of the Alsatian gastronomy.

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