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Around the VIIth century, monks Benedictines melt a monastery dedicated to Saint-Grégoire in the current valley of Munster. Confronted with the problem of the conservation of milk and the need for nourishing the populations neighbourhood, the monks invented "Munster Kaes", the cheese of Munster such as we know it today. Also known under the name of Munster-Gérémomé, of the name of the city where its marketing was carried out, Munster is classified AOC since 1969 and continuous to be manufactured on the Alsatian and Lorraine faces of the Vosges, with horse on 7 departments.

This delicious cheese is manufactured today in the respect of traditions several times "centenaires". Curdled milk finely is broken then put out of mould to support draining. Once salted, this soft cheese is put in cellar for a refining which lasts 21 days at least. Universally known for its savour, Munster is consumed natural, without bread, accompanied by a powerful red wine. Choose Corton, Medoc or, to combine regional savours, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir or an Alsatian Beer.

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