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Easter  © HP_Photo - Fotolia.com
aster is a very important holiday for Christians and it is also a time to celebrate with family or friends over a good meal. Easter menus vary depending on the region, but some dishes are indispensable. In France, Easter is often celebrated with a traditional menu consisting of a roasted lamb with herbs, seasonal vegetables and a green salad. Eggs are also present at the table to symbolize the resurrection of Christ. They can be enjoyed hard-boiled, in an omelet or as a soufflé. In Italy, Easter is marked by a menu consisting of fresh pasta, pecorino cheese and cured ham. Italians also enjoy torta pasqualina, a spinach and egg pie, which represents the richness of the earth and life. In Spain, Easter dishes often include roasted chicken, grilled vegetables and Easter cakes called Mona de Pascua, decorated with eggs and candied fruits. The cakes are often offered to children and family members.
Scallops, Asparagus and Parsnip
Veal small tournedos with green AQsparagus
Chocolate Omelette

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