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Chocolate Omelette

Chocolate Omelette
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Chocolate Omelette ;

  1. For 2-4 persons
  2. 4 big farm fresh eggs
  3. 0.5 oz soft brown sugar
  4. 0.7 oz grated or thinly cut dark chocolate (60% cocoa or more)
  5. 0.1 oz de fleur table salt


1) Break the eggs into a salad bowl add the sugar, the chocolate and the salt and beat them a little bit
2) Head a non sticking frying pan and when it is hot, pour the mixture into it, stir with a wood spatula like making scrambled eggs, let the bottom cook, then roll the omelette and put in onto a working plan
3) Stretch some cling film, put the omelette onto the center of it on make a roll it like a sausage.

You only have to cut slices (warm or cold) and to offer them just plain or together with some vanilla ice cream or some custard flavoured with roasted coffee as an example
credits photo : Patrick Asfaux© A.F.Touch