Maghreb cooking

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Maghreb cooking © tilo - Aftouch-cuisine
After having paid a visit to our Canadian friends, we continue our gastronomic trips outside of France a little more south, to a part of North Africa called Maghreb and composed of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisa, where the cooking is full of fragrances, spices, salted/sweet tastes and conviviality. This "oriental" cooking is rich of flavours and comes from an ancestral tradition, where, like in France or Italy, each region has gathered and developed such a number of various recipes that we could not condense into a single page. Each great specialty (like couscous, tajine etc...) itself could be the unique purpose of a full book.
Our target here is far from giving an exhaustive and steady vision of the North Africa cooking but just to propose a few recipes that can be made nearly everywhere in the world and hoping that your kitchen will full of fragrances and flavours discovered during holidays in this hot region.
Some of these recipes listed below come from Chef Patrick Asfaux's friends with whom he shared experiences during his long career.
We are honoured to be, on this site, visited by numerous persons from Maghreb so we hope they will help us enriching it (note of the translator : due to historical reasons, many of them can speak and write French but if some of them - or persons from other parts of the Arabic world - are more familiar with English, please send your recipes in English through a comment to this report and we will do our best to display it on this site, in French and in English). And now, a few recipes to make a dreaming journey ...

Lamb Tajine
Date Nougat
Watermelon Jam

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