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Crepes Suzette

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Crepes Suzette
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Crepes Suzette were served for the first time in 1895 in the famous Parisian restaurant : Maire. Then, they were called crepes "named Suzette" and filled with jam. The main difference with other crepes recipe is that they are not flambé.
Escoffier advised to use the recipe of the "Gil-Blas" crepes, which are spread with a butter scented with curacao and satsuma glaze.

Recipe for 12 crepes Suzette :

  1. 12 crepes
  2. 125g soft butter
  3. 8 sugar lumps
  4. 2 non treated oranges
  5. 1 non treated lemon
  6. 5cl curacao
  7. some fine butter


1) In a bowl, rub 5 sugar lumps onto a the oranges until they melt. Do the same with the last three sugar lumps onto the lemon. Then, crush the sugar lumps with a fork.
2) Add the very soft butter and mix well with your fork.
3) Squeeze the oranges and the lemon and start incorporating in the juice, little by little into the butter. Finish by adding the alcohol.

4) Heat up a pan. Add a knob of butter and put a cooked crepe onto your frying pan. Allow your crepe to heat up a little bit and flip it over. Then, spread some of the Suzette butter and fold it in 4 and give it another 30 seconds onto the pan. Repeat until all the crepes are done.
Serve them warm onto a tray.
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