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Tarte Tatin

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

Tarte Tatin
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This recipe, created by the Tatin sisters, at the beginning of the 20th century in their restaurant of La Motte Beuvron acquired its outstanding success because it was added to the list of desserts of the famous Maxim's, one of the most famous Parisian restaurants at that time.

To make a beautiful 'tarte Tatin'
  1. 400 g of shortcrust pastry (note of the translator : if you cannot find it already made, please refer to its recipe in this site - to be soon translated)
  2. 1 kilogram (approx. 2 pounds)of apples (variety 'golden apple')
  3. 200 g of caster sugar
  4. 100 g of butter


1. Pre-heat your oven at 450° F
2. Peel the apples, open them into 2 parts, take away the core and the seeds wit a spoon and cut each half into 3 segments
3. Into a Teflon round mould of a 20 centimeters (8 inches) diameter and 10 centimeters (4 inches) high, pour half of the sugar
4. Place the apple segments standing up making circles starting from the external part of the mould and finishing by its center and tight them well
5. Pour the melted butter on the apple segments and then add the other half of the sugar
6. Put the mould on the electric hob (not in the oven yet)not too much hot
7. Cut a raw pastry circle slighly larger than the mould and stick a fork in several places of the pastry
8. Take the mould off the hob ( a pleasant fragance should start to come out)
9. Place the pastry disc on top of the apple segments and using a rolling pin (larger than the mould), cut the part of the pastry exceeding the diameter of the mould
10. Put the mould into the heated oven during 35 minutes
11. Take the mould out of the oven and let it rest during 10 minutes then use a small sharp knife along the vertical internal side of the mould. Place your serving dish up side down on the pastry then turn upside down the tart and the mould together and if you have been successful, the apples will appear well coated with caramel.
Serve the 'tarte Tatin' warm with a large bowl of cider and put a double cream pot on the table ...
credits photo : © Couet Ivan - A.F.Touch