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Corsica is one of France's “régions” but it above all an island which, during its history has been the object of a lot of covetousness. The first traces of human occupation go back to 7000 years B.C. The invasions will follow one another through the centuries and the island passes from the domination of Iberes to that of the Ligurians then of Phenicians... After a long period under Roman domination, the province will pass from hand to hand, before becoming Genoise until the XVIII century. Briefly independent, Corsica will become French for good at the Revolution (in 1789). But one cannot speak about Corsica without evoking Napoleon Bonaparte, the 1st French emperor but Corsican above all.

Corsica, is also a beautiful island where the mountains are skirt by coasts which are among the most beautiful and the best preserved in France. The Corsican Honey will make you discover the richness of the insular flora. The Corsican vineyards such as Corsican Cape Muscatel, were appreciated as early as the highest antiquity and are classified today in AOC. From the black pigs, the Corsican producers draw a Pork-butchery with an inimitable taste. You will enjoy Prizuttu (raw ham), Salamu (a dry sausage), a thin slice of Coppa or even delicious Figatellu (liver sausage) which one enjoys in winter, roasted on wood fire. If the Corsican pork-butchery is excellent, the cheeses are also delicious, if you choose only one of them, treat yourself to Brin d'Amour, a delicious ewe cheese flavoured with sariette and rosemary... A bit of the Corsican spirit in your plate...