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Born 2000 years ago in High Auvergne, it is certainly one of the oldest french cheese. Pline the Oldest wrotte about this cheese that it was "the most appreciated in Roma [...] the one from Gabales and Gevaudan country".
Cheese with flowered crust, the Cantal multiplies savours with a taste which is salted and fruity, marrowy and dryness in mouth. One needs 450 liters of milk to make a tomme of 43 kg.

One to two months of refining get for the Cantal Young its crust gray-white fine, with a milk taste, fruity. From 2 to 6 months, it becomes "Entre-Deux" or "in-between": its crust is buttoned of gold, its taste opens out and leaves a major memory of the high pastures. Spent 6 months, it is the Old Cantal with the taste of nature, reserved to the initiates.

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