Fourme d'Ambert

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Fourme d'Ambert

The legend tells that Gallic druides was strong fans of this cheese. High Thatches, in the mounts of Drill, were a long time its cradle of origin but today its soil of production extended. Fourme d'Ambert is manufactured in this zone of mountains at the hot summers and the long and cold winters where pushes an abundant and varied grass. Of characteristic cylindrical form, its spotted paste gives to this cheese all its authenticity. One needs approximately 20 liters of milk to manufacture a fourme.

Fourme d'Ambert puts up as well as possible with cauliflower, potatoes and various salad. In good place on a cheese plate, Fourme d'Ambert will be able to allure your guest. For that, associate a fruity red wine like the Beaujolais wine or a marrowy white or a wine of Auvergne like Coasts of Auvergne or Chanturgue.

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