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Introduced at the court of Louis XIV by the Marshal of France Henri de Sennecterre (1600-1681), the Saint-Nectaire cheese had the favours of the sun king Soleil. Its reputation is made when Legrand d'Aussy, in 1768, quotes it in the account of its voyage in Auvergne: "If one wants to level you there, it is always Saint-Nectaire cheese which one announces to you". After having been during centuries a popular cheese, the Saint-Nectaire conquered, in second half of the XVIIIth century, the aristocracy.

Its taste, its smoothness and its very consistent texture come from the rich person flora of the pastures of the Mounts Gilds, volcanic area of an average altitude of 1000 meters. The Saint-Nectaire is consumed especially at the end of the meal but it also enters the composition of salads or other culinary preparations such as the Saint-Nectaire's brioche, the roast crusts. Serve it with a red wine light and fruity like the wines of Burgundy, Pomerols, or the Coasts of Auvergne, you will appreciate then the smoothness of this delicious cheese.

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