Recettes de Haute-Normandie

recettes de haute-normandie

There is a presentation of recipes from haute-normandes. de Haute-Normandie

Recettes de Haute-Normandie

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  • Creamed CucumberCreamed Cucumber
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    Creamed cucumber with chicory for 4 people : 1 cucumber 2 chicory some salt For the sauce 10cl double cream 1 tablespoon hibiscus vinegar 6 min...

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  • Roasted Duck with PeasRoasted Duck with Peas
    comments (4)
    A Roasted Duck with Peas recipe for 6 guests : 1 large duck (from Nantes if possible), weighing 1,6 to 1,8kg 80 gr of butter 1 bouquet of savory (...

    Veal ChopsVeal Chops
    comments (18)
    This old traditional French recipe has become out of fashion in French restaurant or at family dinner. I do not understant why, as it is a very simple...

    Veal kebabsVeal kebabs
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    To prepare you veal kebabs, first cut small cubes of veal meat taken from the shoulder. Let let marinade during 24 hours. Find below a few marinade r...

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  • Apple CrumbleApple Crumble
    comments (12)
    Apple crumble with toffee chips and coconut. This nice dessert is originally British. It bring back the memory of an old rhyme that I learned a long t...

    Milk ToffeeMilk Toffee
    comments (19)
    I am sure that this delicious, ancient traditional recipe will please children and grown-ups alike. To know all about jam I invite you to read our ...

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