Arles Sausage

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Arles Sausage

The dry Sausage is certainly one of the typical products of the soils of France that our compatriots prefer and for this reason, the Sausage of Arles very largely deserves its fame. Among oldest dry Sausages manufactured in France, this pure product of the Arles porkbutcher tradition, is still manufactured today according to the receipts and councils' of the craftsmen porkbutchers of the past.

The main characteristic of Sausage of Arles is its composition. It is indeed, contrary to his cousin of Auvergne, not exclusively made up of pig. Indeed, it comprises in addition to pig fat, the thin of ox and traditionally of thin of ass or horse. Taste it just as it is out of aperitif around glass of Pastis or between two sections of farmhouse bread accompanied by gherkins to the vinegar. Also test Sausage of Arles hot, out of omelette, accompanied by tomatos and onions and you will discover the pleasures of an omelette of Provence.

credits photo : © Couet Ivan - A.F.Touch-cuisine

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