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Bénédictine, liquor with a subtle taste, created with the Rebirth by a Venetian monk, Dom Bernardo Vincelli, in the Abbey of Fécamp is an elixir containing 27 plants and spices originating in the 4 corners of the world. Lost in the storms of the French revolution, the original receipt was given to the style of the day by Alexandre Le Grand who even made build, in 1882, a palate museum to its glory.

Used pure "one the rocks", Bénédictine is also the base of many and delicious cocktails. "Flamed on a Poêlée of Coquilles Saint-Jacques" or in "Granité" to finish a meal in pleasant way, it will enjoy the fans of spiced savours...

credits photo : © Dmitry Naumov - Fotolia.com

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