Smoked herring

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Smoked herring

The herring has a considerable economic importance since the Middle Ages. It was called the "fish king" or, sometimes, more modestly, the "prince of fish". Salted, dried and smoked, then preserved in herring barrels,it could be transported inside the grounds. The smoked herring had the advantage of being an inexpensive food at one time of the year when the other food products were done rare, especially in the years of prolonged freezing. Its importance was such, that in times of war, breaks were stated in order to make it possible to the sailors to fish to ensure the survival of the population. The town of Dieppe very quickly became one of the top-places for the production of smoked herring French.

The techniques of herrings transformation crossed the centuries and pickling (or salting) gave its name to smoked herrings. They are salted herrings, put in softening in order to cause a drop in the smoked salt rate then. According to modes of consumption and conservation, they bear different names. They can be salted one hour to several days, more or less smoked, hot or cold. The smoked herring of Dieppe presents itself out of whole fish of 100 grams approximately, of gilded and brilliant color. Its taste strongly salted and smoked is characteristic. Before cooking it, soak smoked herring a few seconds in ebullient water to be able to easily strip it before raising the nets. To appreciate its savour, taste it accompanied by tepid potatoes out of vinaigrette... A true happiness...

credits photo : © Ewa Kubicka - FOTOLIA

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