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If the Cider is the traditional drink Haute like Basse-Normandie, Poiré is a less known and more contemporary drink. From time immemorial the Cider producers had as a practice to add to the apple juices in fermentation, a little pear juice to soften the bitterness of it. That was also the case of the Calvados which gained carefully what it lost in typicity. But Poiré is today a drink with whole share which deserves that we are interested in it.

If the producers of Poiré are not legion, certain Cider producers decided to diversify and the production of Poiré naturally became a complement of activity. The manufacturing method being similar, these producers had any evil with quickly working out a drink of quality, slightly less acid than the Cider and often definitely more sweetened. We advise you to open a bottle of Poiré in accompaniment of a delicious Amandine to pears... A first taste of paradise...

credits photo : © Dasha Petrenko - Fotolia.com

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