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French cut Rib of Beef

From the one star french chef Patrick Asfaux

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First of all a little reminder.
First a calf is born, it is either male or female.
  1. it becomes a heifer, then a cow that will give birth to a calf.
  2. Male: it becomes ox. At the age of 24 months it is castrated. If it is not emasculated it becomes bull and spends his life breeding or becomes the "co-star" of a bullfight (but that is another story!)
  3. The best breed of ox are the Irish Angus, Shorthorn, Hereford, Aberdeen Angus, Charolais, Aubrac, Blonde d'Aquitaine and Salers.
French cut Rib of Beef
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My favourite way to cook a French cut rib of beef is very simple:
1) Take your rib of beef out of the fridge at least one hour before cooking it. Coat it with a bit of vegetable oil and season it with a bit of thyme and powdered poccini mushroom.
2) Start your barbeque, when there are nice embers cook your meat as well as some whole button mushrooms and few tomatoes (cut in half).
3) cook it as you wish.
4) To carve your French cut rib of beef: place it on a carving board. Trim the bone out by following the bone line with a sharp knife.
Then, carve fine slices of meat, again following the bone line.
Do not salt your meat, but place some Guerande "fleur de sel" an offer in a cup.
Serve the vegetables on the side as well as some bearnaisesauce or some garlicbutterforsnails and nice green salad.
I am sure that you will spend a pleasurable moment.
credits photo : patrick Asfaux© A.F.Touch

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Dubarry  2009-02-18

You can find a number of excellent highly reputated beef breeds in France, including but not limited to Maine-Anjou, like Aubrac, Limousine, Salers, Blonde d'Aquitaine, Bazadaise, Charolaise etc...

mike  2009-02-18

Comment on recipe : www.aftouch-cuisine.com/recipe/french-cut-rib-of-beef-628.htm Is Maine-Anjou not the best beef of France?

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